Board Games on Telling Time, Quarter to, Quarter Past

  • Learning Objectives:  Use these online ESL fun games to practice and review words and sentences used when telling the time in English. The focus of this game is on telling the time using 'quarter past' and 'quarter to'. Students will also learn and use adverbs of frequency in sentences.
  • How to play:  In this epic board game, you have to navigate a treacherous terrain to get to finish. Choose a game variety - Space Rider, Pirate Game or Crocodile Game.  Next, decide if you want to play in single mode or team mode. Click to roll the dice. You will need all the luck you can find to avoid the monsters! Good luck!
  • Vocabulary:  quarter past, quarter to, forty-five
  • Sentence structures:  What time do you usually go to bed? I usually go to bed at a quarter to twelve.