Toys, Prepositions of Place Sentences / Words

  • Topic: Prepositions of place and toys vocabulary lesson.
  • Vocabulary:  teddy bear, robot, car, ball, balloon, block
  • Grammar:  This lesson focuses on the use of prepositions of place (in, on, under,  next to, behind) to talk about the locations of things. We will also look at a few new contractions.


Prepositions of Place in Sentences

  • in the box
  • under the box
  • next to the box
  • behind the box
  • in front of the box 
  • on the box


  • Where's...? / Where is...?  
  • What's your...? / What is your...? 
  • No it isn't. / No, it is not.
  • I don't like. / I do not like.

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