Art Class, School Supplies Words & Sentences

  • Topic: Art Class, School Supplies, Words & Sentences
  • Vocabulary:  eraser, glue, crayons, pencil, pen, pencil box, scissors, pass, give, cut, draw, book, paper etc.
  • Grammar:  The lesson focuses on using imperative forms to make requests and give commands. It also focuses on using modal verbs 'may' and 'can' to ask more polite questions.

art class

Modal Verbs for Polite Questions:

  • Can I  use your crayon?
  • May I  borrow your scissors?

Imperatives for giving commands and making requests

  • Pass me  the pencil.  
  • Give me  the eraser.  
  • Draw  a shark.  
  • Cut out your shark.

Action verbs & School Supplies Noun Association

  • We draw with a pencil.

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