Means of Transportation Lesson

  • Topic: Means of Transportation Lesson Dialogue
  • Communication Objectives: This lesson will teach students how to talk about means of transportation in English.
  • Language Objectives:  This lesson will focus on using various ‘how’ question word to ask questions about means of transportation and length of time. Other questions will also be reviewed – where, when.


  • Dialogue Story:  Dad is about to leave for the city. The children want to come. They are going to the airport to pick up Freddie’s aunt, Mona. On the way, they choose different means of transportation and talk about it. They also ask many questions related to time.
  • Sentence Structures:
    • Are you going by car?
    • How do we get to the subway?
    • Where does this train go, Dad?
    • When does Aunt Mona arrive?
    • She arrives in five minutes.
    • How is she going to arrive?
    • By  plane.
    • How long does it take to get to the car park?

This lesson has a related vocabulary video. Click here to watch the vocabulary and grammar break down of this lesson.