First Day at School

  • Topic: First Day at School
  • Communication Objectives: This lesson will help kids review basic greetings and also teach kids how to introduce friends. It will also teach learners how to express a need.
  • Language Objectives: Learn to use expressions to greet, help a lost person and introduce a friend to another.

first day of school

  • Dialogue Story:  It is Bob's first day at Freddie's school. He is lost in the corridor, trying to find his class. Freddie shows up and offers help. In the end, Bob is introduced to other classmates.
  • Sentence Structures:
    • Good morning, Bob.
    • How are you today?
    • I'm fine, thanks.
    • Do you need any help?
    • I'm looking for Class 3A.
    • This is my friend, Bob.
    • Bob is our new classmate.
  • Vocabulary:  classmate, looking, class, morning, same, friend

This lesson has a related vocabulary video. Click here to watch the vocabulary and grammar break down of this lesson.