Greetings Lesson Sentences & Words

  • Topic: Greetings & Self-introductions Lesson Grammar & Vocabulary
  • Vocabulary:  nice, meet, you, what, is, name, Freddie, Bob, Lisa
  • Grammar:  Learn the question form 'What is..' to ask about a person's name. You will also learn another way of telling someone your name. Kids will also learn to  use contractions which is more natural in spoken English.


Expressions with same meaning:

  • My name is Lisa. I'm Lisa.
  • My name is Freddie. /I'm Freddie.


  • I'm Bob. / I am Bob.
  • I'm Freddie. / I am Freddie.

Question Format

  • What is...? / What is your name?
  • What's...? / What's your name? (contracted form)

Adjective & verbs in greeting:

  • Nice  / Nice(adj.) to meet(verb) you.

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