Jobs Lesson Words & Sentences

  • Topic: Farm animals lesson
  • Vocabulary:  jobs vocabulary, firefighter, police officer, postal worker, doctor, nurse, taxi driver, zookeeper, pilot, dentist, lawyer
  • Grammar:  This lesson focuses on the expression ‘want to be’ to express future intentions. It also teaches verbs for describing jobs.


 Want to be

  • I want to be a doctor.
  • What do you want to be?

Job Description Verbs

  • What does a firefighter do?
  • A firefighter puts out fires.
  • A doctor takes care of sick people.

The verb ‘want’ in 1st and 3rd person singular.

  • I want to be a doctor.
  • Sally wants to be a nurse.
  • She wants to be a nurse.

 This lesson has a related dialogue video. Click here to watch the short dialogue related to this lesson.